Alpha Dog

Alpha Dog Quick Reference

  1. A naturalborn leader 
  2. Have lots of friends; very popular 
  3. Esteemed: people seek your acceptance and try to please you 
  4. Focus on the future and what’s best for the pack 
  5. Make good decisions that people choose to follow 
  6. Hard to upset, with a calm and even temperament 
  7. Protector, role model, and mentor 
  8. Provide sense of calm and reassurance to others 
  9. Patient 
  10. Ready to take charge and accept responsibility 
  11. Great at delegating tasks 
  12. Don’t get overly stressed; design plans to overcome problems 
  13. Have a positive outlook on life; see success everywhere 

Making Your Alpha Dog Wag Their Tail: 

  1. Be Appreciative. Applaud their great ideas and thank them for being so patient. 
  2. Be Physical. Give them a pat on the shoulder, a firm handshake, or hug (when appropriate). 
  3. Be Empowering. Remind them that they can overcome any obstacle. 
  4. Be Proactive. Do your best to anticipate their needs and help them out. Try providing lunch or reminding them of their appointments. 
  5. Be Attractive. Alphas respect those who respect themselves. You can communicate your self-respect by keeping up with your appearance. 
  6. Be Respectful. Don’t challenge the Alpha by using an aggressive or argumentative approach. Calmly state your case and ask them to consider your suggestion. 
  7. Be Patient. Don’t interrupt an Alpha Dog. Wait patiently for your turn to talk. 
  8. Ask Them for Help. Alphas are problem solvers, and they love to help members of their pack. 
  9. Be Supportive. Alphas are not independent. They need your help attending to their fundamental needs. 
  10. Be Curious. Ask them what they are working on and listen to them talk.