Happy Dog

Happy Dog Quick Reference

  1. Happy-go-lucky personality with a positive attitude 
  2. Give and receive love openly 
  3. Attach to people whom you admire; loyal 
  4. Impatient, impulsive, get into trouble easily 
  5. No filter; say things that hurt people’s feelings 
  6. Get excited easily and can become overstimulated 
  7. Exaggerate and add drama to increase the punch line 
  8. Natural born entertainer who loves the spotlight 
  9. Non-confrontational 
  10. Get distracted easily and often leave tasks incomplete 
  11. Prefer to watch others succeed before joining in 
  12. Less likely to be taken seriously 
  13. Can get your feelings hurt easily but are quick to rebound 

Making Your Happy Dog Wag Their Tail: 

  1. Show the Love. Tell a Happy Dog how much you love and appreciate them. 
  2. Send Invitations. Happy Dogs want to be included in whatever you are doing. Pick something fun and bring them along for the ride. 
  3. Be Dismissive. Happy Dogs can be inappropriate. Don’t take it personally. If it bothers you, then calmly tell them that they hurt your feelings and explain why. Open and honest communication is how you prevent future outbursts. 
  4. Be Patient. Happy Dogs get excited easily and consequently are inpatient. Choose good timing when you tell them things. 
  5. Be Forgiving. Happy Dogs exaggerate and are also prone to simple mistakes. Try not to correct every little thing they say or do and give them room to roam. When listening, focus on the big idea, not the accuracy of each detail. 
  6. Be Attentive. Natural born entertainers, Happy Dogs love to perform. Give them your ears and eyes, or they will find someone else who is interested. 
  7. Be Passive. Happy Dogs don’t do well with confrontation or direct pressure. If you need to make a point, then calmly tell them how you feel and explain alternative solutions. 
  8. Be a Manager. Happy Dogs need to be held accountable. Because they get distracted easily, you have to keep reminding them where to focus. 
  9. Be a Role Model. Happy Dogs want to see you succeed first before trying something themselves. Allow them to take the passenger seat while you lead by example.  
  10. Take Chances. Give them chance to earn your trust. Trust is more important to a Happy Dog than it is to any other dog.