House Cat

House Cat Quick Reference

  1. Compassionate caregiver; anticipate the needs of the group 
  2. Perform well in a management role at home or work 
  3. Good with kids, listening, and teaching 
  4. Funny and entertaining; popular with friends 
  5. Enjoy solitary hobbies (arts, crafts, reading, etc.); self-reliant 
  6. Non-confrontational 
  7. Heartfelt and affectionate 
  8. Hard to upset, levelheaded, and very lowmaintenance 
  9. Highly adaptable with a versatile set of talents 
  10. Take great pride in work, which is often underappreciated 
  11. Loyal and committed to relationships 
  12. Make no fuss; wait for others to notice things instead of bragging or asking for help 
  13. Very selfless; often put your own needs last 

Making Your House Cat Purr: 

  1. Pay Them Compliments. Don’t forget to compliment House Cats on the things they do, even if they are dismissive. They work very hard for you without expecting recognition.  
  2. Be Observant. House Cats don’t brag about things they do. Ask them about their day and listen to what they have to say. 
  3. Be Silly. House Cats love people who make them laugh. Find humor in situations and be playful and entertaining no matter where you are. 
  4. Do Things for Them. Try doing something special for them to let them know how much you appreciate the things they do for you. 
  5. Get Crafty. House Cats can be entertained easily with solitary hobbies. When you don’t have time to focus on them, give them something to do like a craft or a good book to read. 
  6. Show the Love. Very loving and affectionate House Cats are endearing. Take time to tell them how much you care about them.  
  7. Send Invitations. House Cats need to feel included. They will be endlessly loyal to you if you keep them involved in your life.  
  8. Be Playful. Fun-loving and intelligent, House Cats thrive on competitive games and challenges. Try board games, video games, or physical activities that strengthen bonds. 
  9. Be Affectionate. House Cats love physical touch. Start with a high five then work your way up to a warm hug. This will reenergize them once they learn to trust you. 
  10. Keep Your Cool. Neither negative nor aggressive themselves, House Cats don’t respond well to poor attitudes or attacks. When you maintain your composure and stay positive, they will do anything for you.