Royal Cat

Royal Cat Quick Reference

  1. Good in large groups; very confident 
  2. Sometimes shy around new people but can open up quickly 
  3. Comfortable being alone for long periods of time when you feel safe 
  4. Obsessive planner; get stressed out with unknowns 
  5. Need personal space to reenergize 
  6. Expect others to know what you mean by your non-verbal looks and gestures 
  7. Vocal with friends; you sing out loud in cars and can talk all night 
  8. People pleaser; generous with compliments and positive feedback 
  9. Would rather stay home than go out parting 
  10. Opinionated with demanding preferences; highmaintenance 
  11. Not aggressive but can be judgmental or critical 
  12. Prefer tranquil calm environments without loud music or loud noises 
  13. Enjoy battles of wit, games, and challenges 

Making Your Royal Cat Purr: 

  1. Show the Love. Royal Cats are very loving and affectionate. Take time to tell them how much you care about them.  
  2. Give Compliments. Give Royal Cats compliments; they spend lots of time and effort on their appearance and work. They love people who are observant. 
  3. Be Flexible. If you’re impartial to what happens, allow Royal Cats to make decisions and go along for the ride, for they are planners. They need to do lots of research and set a schedule before they feel comfortable doing something.  
  4. Be Expressive. Be intentional with your body language. Royal Cats watch your gestures and draw conclusions quickly.  
  5. Be Observant. Watch their body language and don’t ignore their expressions. They might be telling you something without words and will hold you accountable for it. 
  6. Pick Your Moment. Royal Cats can be moody, so learn when to make your move vs. when to leave them alone. If they’re freaking out, give them space. 
  7. Be a Good Listener. Royal Cats love to talk. Ask them open-ended questions and let them run with it. They loving feeling heard. 
  8. Get Cozy. Plan a night in instead of a night out. Royal Cats prefer to cozy up on the couch, connecting with someone one-on-one rather than spending time at loud parties. 
  9. Challenge Them. Royal Cats are smart and competitive. Try a board game or physical activity to keep them engaged or challenged. 
  10. Communicate. Royal Cats don’t like sudden changes or big surprises. Tell them what to expect, and they will become more agreeable.