Shy Dog

Shy Dog Quick Reference

  1. Warm very slowly to people and places 
  2. Often feel anxious, nervous, or stressed 
  3. Introverted; don’t like attention 
  4. Quiet around new people; take time getting to know them 
  5. Don’t like to be singled out and try to avoid confrontation 
  6. Pessimisticleaning; often feel like something is wrong 
  7. Can be reclusive and keep to yourself 
  8. Depend on others to provide fundamental needs 
  9. Avoid uncomfortable situations 
  10. Watch others before joining in; slow to try new things 
  11. Communicate non-verbally and can be very expressive with body language 
  12. Feel very strongly about things  
  13. Expect people to live up to commitments 

Making Your Shy Dog Wag Their Tail: 

  1. Be Patient. Shy Dogs warm slowly to new people and places. Take time to explain plans. 
  2. Stay Calm. Shy Dogs are sensitive and can detect your vibes long before you say something. The more they freak out, the calmer you must appear. 
  3. Be Proactive. If you think they’ll react negatively to something, then try to avoid those situations. When you can’t avoid, provide details in advance and set clear expectations.  
  4. No Surprises. Communication is key. Provide an agenda in advance and give them time to process and warm up to the idea. 
  5. Be Discrete. Your relationship hinges on your ability to keep a secret. Building trust is a huge time investment so don’t tear it all down with loose lips. 
  6. Soft Introductions. When introducing them to a new person or situation, take a tour first before diving right in. 
  7. Avoid Direct Pressure. When correcting, address the group as opposed to singling out a Shy Dog in front of others. If further explanation is needed, talk in private. 
  8. Be Supportive. A Shy Dog isn’t likely to ask for help meeting their fundamental needs, so try to be supportive when they do speak up. 
  9. Use Body Language. Try giving them a look, a wink, or a smile. Shy Dogs prefer non-verbal communication and appreciate you for it. When in doubt, send a text message. 
  10. Don’t Push Them. Don’t be disappointed when they decline your offer or change their mind. Keep experiences positive and be forgiving and flexible when things change direction.