Tabby Cat

Tabby Cat Quick Reference

  1. Positive attitude; adapt well to new people and experiences 
  2. Often tell people how much you love them; extremely loyal but can be clingy 
  3. Very popular; reward with affection 
  4. Calm attitude with high self-esteem 
  5. Moody; shy one minute then playful the next 
  6. Like personal space; can disappear for extended periods 
  7. Have strong preferences on activities but are generally lowmaintenance 
  8. Tend to focus on one person then ignore others 
  9. Rarely aggressive; generally nice 
  10. Good at sharing; great at listening 
  11. Love to explore and can be competitive 
  12. Hard worker with a get-it-done attitude 
  13. A good entertainer without hogging the spotlight

Making Your Tabby Cat Purr: 

  1. Show the Love. These friendly cats are very loving and affectionate. Take time to tell them how much you care about them.  
  2. Send Invitations. Sociable Tabby Cats need to feel included. They will be endlessly loyal to you if you keep them involved in your life.  
  3. Be Playful. Highly intelligent, Tabby Cats thrive on competitive games and fun challenges. Try board games, video games, or physical activities to strengthen your bond. 
  4. Get Physical. Tabby Cats adore physical touch. Try a high five then work up to a hug. This will reenergize them once they feel they can trust you. 
  5. Stay Positive. Tabby Cats don’t respond well to negative attitudes. Be accepting and stay focused on good things and positive outcomes. 
  6. Pick Your Moment. Learn when to make your move and when to leave Tabby Cats alone, for they are moody. If they’re totally freaking out, give them space. 
  7. Let Them Choose. Tabby Cats are much more agreeable when they choose the activity for the group. They can get irritable when they don’t get their way. 
  8. Share Stuff. Allow them to order dinner for the group then share plates. They love to do this! 
  9. Be Inclusive. Tabby Cats need to feel included. Give them a role in your plans and allow them to share your personal space. 
  10. Stay Busy. Bored easily, Tabby Cats need constant stimulation when they aren’t resting. Find physical or mental activities to keep them busy.