Working Dog

Working Dog Quick Reference

  1. An easy-going team player who gets along with others 
  2. Can be gentle and affectionate when completely relaxed 
  3. Take instruction well and are the first to pitch in and help 
  4. Great at completing tasks and don’t complain about the effort 
  5. Don’t like to make big decisions, but get the job done 
  6. Good instincts with a positive attitude 
  7. Work hard independently or in a team 
  8. Great problem-solving skills  
  9. Don’t need to be the star of the show but like to be involved 
  10. Non-confrontational 
  11. Don’t do well with big changes 
  12. Prefer routines over being spontaneous 
  13. Get it done attitude 

Making Your Working Dog Wag Their Tail: 

  1. Be Inclusive. Working Dogs need to feel included. Give them a role in your plans, and they will be forever grateful. 
  2. Trust Them. Working Dogs are amazingly reliable. Trust that they will follow instructions and overcome obstacles to get the job done. 
  3. Be Appreciative. Working Dogs work hard to please you. Give them credit and thank them for a job well done. 
  4. Assign Responsibility. Working Dogs are very active and need to stay busy. Don’t be afraid to ask them for help. 
  5. Make Decisions. If there is a big decision, take initiative. Keep them included and ask them for their input. 
  6. Let Them Fix Things. If there’s a problem, let them solve it. Don’t forget to reward them with compliments. 
  7. Create Routines. Working Dogs don’t deal with change very well. Follow a routine then give them fair warning when something changes. 
  8. Accept Help. Working Dogs want to help you. Don’t be afraid to ask. 
  9. Be Gentle. Give affection but not too much too fast. Pace yourself with love and admiration, or they may resist.  
  10. Be Social. Don’t isolate your Working Dog. They love to spend time with their friends, mixing and mingling.